Utility Services

Fayetteville Public Utilities
  • Electric Service
    Lincoln County was the first county in Tennessee to get electricity! Currently, FPU's Electric department serves nearly 18,000 customers every day.
  • Gas Service
    FPU's Natural Gas Department has been in operation, serving Fayetteville and Lincoln County residents since 1949. We currently serve over 6,000 customers with clean, efficient natural gas.
  • Water & Sewer Service
    The FPU water department installed its first water works system in 1898. Still going strong many years later, the FPU water and sewer department works hard every day to insure that Fayetteville has plenty of clean, potable water. We now serve over 4,200 water customers in Fayetteville and parts of Lincoln County.
  • Cable TV Service & Internet Service
    The FPU Telecom department served its first customers on March 21, 2001. Currently, we serve over 3,300 customers with the finest in cable television and/or high-speed Internet.
  • Digital Phone (Voice Over IP) Service
    As of July 1st, 2009, FPU's Telecom department now offers digital voice over IP phone service over its high speed Internet system.


811 Call Before You DigIf you are planning demolition or excavation work of any kind, please call Tennessee One-Call at least three days before you begin. By calling, you will avoid interruption of service, save yourself costly delays, and prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries.

Tennessee One-Call System, Inc. is a statewide notification system that marks underground members utility free of charge.

Residents, contractors, and anyone planning to dig, drill, or blast in Tennessee:

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Call 811 or 1-800-351-1111
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