A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye

Keep your electric bill low when the temps get high

CEO / General Manager Britt Dye

School is back in session and fall is right around the corner. But as we all know, warm weather in Tennessee can last through September and even stick around as late as October. 

Unfortunately, the these last few weeks of warm weather can bring with them sweltering heat and humidity that can make life uncomfortable both indoors and out.

Heat and humidity can also have a significant impact on your monthly energy bill.

Utilities like FPU are unique — few other businesses provide their customers with advice on how to use less of the products they sell. We frequently share tips to help our customers make wise choices when it comes to energy. Our mission is not to sell more energy but to serve our community.

Nothing has a more significant impact on energy use than the weather. The two most substantial applications of residential energy in Tennessee are cooling, followed closely by heating.

Even when you don’t adjust your thermostat, you will still see increases in energy consumption when the temperature goes up. Why is that?

Let’s say you keep your thermostat on 75 degrees in warm weather. If the outside temperature is 78 degrees, your air conditioner only has to cool the inside of your home by 3 degrees. However, if the outside temperature is 95 degrees, your air conditioner has to cool the interior of your home by 20 degrees. It will have to run longer and use more energy to cool the space.

Even though most homeowners see their electric bills rise in the during warmer months, there are some smart and easy things you can do to save money. 

Using energy-efficient practices, during summer and winter months, can make your living area more comfortable and save you energy and money.