Summer seasonal rates to begin in June.

Due to a higher demand for energy as we enter into the summer months and an increase of total monthly fuel cost from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), our customers will see a 5.1% increase on their average electric bill.


Customers who have an average electric bill of 1,330-kilowatt hours, the combined increase totals $7.34. Of this amount, the increase in the seasonal energy charge is $7.22; the increase for the fuel cost is 12 cents. Customers using the average 1,330-kilowatt hours will see electric bills increase from $142.15 in May to $149.49 in June.


According to TVA, the fuel cost for June 2017 is approximately 8% lower than the three-year average June amount. Even though hydro generation helped lower fuel costs, fuel expenses were higher than expected. Because the month of April was warmer than forecast, families used more power to meet their daily needs. Due to lower Nuclear and Coal generation, TVA used power from other sources to meet the needs of families in the Tennessee Valley.


“Please remember that as temperatures increase during the summer months, electric bills will vary depending on the amount of energy you use for cooling,” says FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye.


TVA implemented a seasonal rate structure in April 2011 which directly reflects the higher costs of producing electricity during those months when there is a greater demand for energy from consumers. The seasonal rate structure allows TVA to bill higher costs of power production to consumers as the energy is used.


Summer seasonal rates begin on June 1st and remain in place through September 30th. TVA’s total monthly fuel cost could vary from month to month, you can always see a complete listing of FPU’s electric rates at