FPU receives TVA’s Energy Right Solutions Award

Fayetteville Public Utilities was presented its second Energy Right Solutions Award for being the third top performer in the Valley in support of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Green Power Providers program. 

“FPU currently provides almost 6% of the total capacity of solar renewables in the Valley only behind Blue Ridge Mountain EMC and Nashville Electric Service,” says TVA’s Megan Keen, customer service manager. “I can’t say enough how much TVA appreciates FPU and your partnership in making these program a success.  Without the dedication of your employees, we would not be able to serve the citizens of the Tennessee Valley.”

TVA’s Green Power Providers (GPP) is an innovative and sustainable program offered by TVA and its power distributors to encourage the development of solar, wind, biomass and low-impact hydro generation systems across the Tennessee Valley. In its initial program offering, customers were allowed to build larger solar facilities than what is included in today’s GPP program. The program now targets residential and commercial customers who wish to install small-scale (50 kilowatts or less) renewable generation systems, so with the smaller scale units, more customers quality.


Together, TVA and its power distributors are continuing to change the Valley’s energy landscape through the success of the Green Power Providers and EnergyRight Solution programs. These programs help residential, commercial and industrial customers alike become more energy-efficient while implementing energy-saving and renewable energy applications to continue TVA’s mission.

“With our partners’ help, the Valley saved 381 gigawatts in energy efficiency”, states Cynthia Herron, TVA’s vice-president of EnergyRight Solutions, in TVA’s 2016 report on the success of the energy initiative. “That’s enough energy to power 24,600 homes. “

Saving money, becoming self-sustaining and taking advantage of our natural resources are the main drivers of a customer’s interest in the renewable energy program,” says FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye. “For those who participate in the Green Power Providers program, 100 percent of the energy produced by their renewable energy installations is purchased by TVA and used by all of us.”

Since FPU began offering the Green Power Providers program locally through TVA, the utility has charted 47 individual solar installations across its service area ranging from a 3.8-kilowatt installation to a 750-kilowatt system. Total solar generation from FPU customers is just over 6 megawatts. As compared to other TVA’s power distributors across the Valley, FPU ranks second per customer base for solar generation.

“Thank you again, FPU, for your hard work and dedication to your customers and in partnering with TVA,” Keen says.